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The Wrong Way Cycler Epidemic

I swear I'm not seeking out bicyclists riding the wrong way on streets, that's just all I ever see.
To me it seems natural to go in the same direction as the flow of traffic, but I am becoming more curious as to why so many people in Pueblo feel safer going against traffic? Is it because you can see the traffic coming at you? I'm not saying we change the law so that it's legal to ride against traffic, just wondering what makes people "feel" safe. If seeing oncoming traffic makes you "feel" safer, believe me, it's just a feeling, you are very definately much less safe. Reasons why?


  1. I can understand your chagrin with those that ride the wrong way, and I share that view most times as I see those that simply do not know any better, ride the wrong way. However, I ride loopy and I make no apologies for it. Automotive menace or bottle throwing punks are hazards, but I ride anyway. I routinely ride the ‘wrong’ way in certain areas, because it is safer, quicker and more enjoyable. Generally I ride with traffic, but there are many areas in town where doing a ‘maneuver’ is better. Besides, I have good reason to take the less traveled routes and avoid cars and such.
    Regardless of my ‘wrong-way’, sidewalk riding and other such actions, I am most courteous and I stop for the most unobservant pedestrian or vehicle. It is not a big deal, as most do not use the sidewalks, but prefer their isolation chambers (cars).

  2. Especially in Pueblo, I think it's important to follow the Rules of the Road to set an example for the less educated cyclists. Also to set an example for car drivers that have less experience with bicycles being on the road.
    Green Machine, I've seen your "manuevers", and wouldn't classify them as safer:)