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During the winter, it's tough to get photos of people walking or bicycling because not as many people do it due to the weather. So, during the winter, my posts may be more about me and my alternative transportation experiences, rather than capturing the experiences of the Pueblo citizens.
One of the best things for me about riding a bicycle is relative speed. Relative to traveling in a car, a bicycle travels much slower, therefore making it much easier to notice things, stop and look at something if it is interesting, or even pick that thing up and take it home. Today, I found a pile of about 30 condoms in the middle of the road and also a really cool star light in the dumpster near my house. OK, so not super exciting, but it's the little, often unnoticed things in life that make it interesting for me. I thought both were great scores.


  1. So, did you score with your score?
    30 condoms used in short time would almost seem a chore.
    It is all good fun though, and your pictures are excellent.

  2. It is disappointing how few comments you have to a most excellent blog, but the hassles posed trying to post a comment are enormous. I could probably steal gold from Fort Knox easier than posting a note on your blog.

  3. I don't know how many people actually read the blog. Based on the number of comments, not many:) I appreciate your comments though!