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Short Trips

This fella lives near my house, I know he has a car and he usually drives it, but this morning I saw him leaving the Loaf-n-Jug on foot. It was a beautiful morning, so I guess he decided to make the 5 block trek with his feet rather than in his car. That's awesome! That's what we need!
These are stats from a U.K. survey of reasons why people use their cars for trips shorter than one mile.

22% carrying heavy goods
17% giving a lift to family or friends
13% convenience
11% shortage of time
8% the distance involved
28% other reasons

My opinion, when it comes down to it, that 13% for convenience is really 100%. It's inconvenient to carry heavy goods, it's inconvenient and difficult to walk one mile, it's inconvenient to take your time to walk rather than drive. The automobile is all about convenience. What happened to the days when humans were strong, in touch with their environment, part of a face to face community, and not in such a rush?


  1. Excellent observation and analysis. Too many will watch the world burn and fall apart before they make the smallest sacrifice. Of course, they will bitch constantly, yet do nothing to lead by example.

  2. The revolution starts now!