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Recreation Transportation

I like the idea of urban bicycling for recreation. Why put your bicycle in your car when you can start your journey and adventure from your doorstep? Nature trails are nice, but urban alleys and hidden streets are really nice and interesting too. Plus it's much less stressful to leave from your doorstep rather than load everything up in your car. Explore the town, say hello to people you pass on the street, slip down to the Arkansas River trail, ride through the Union Historic District, stop for a cup of coffee, visit the Nature Center or the library, check out the new Minnequa Lake trails, make a fun, interesting and healthy day out of your ride, and you don't even have to get in your car.


  1. Biking

    It amazes me how many similar things we enjoy. I am no longer a dumpster diving virgin! It was interesting, easy, not dirty and fun. It was one block away so it was so easy and I made two trips hauling stuff by bike. I had to grab some stuff, because it was old funky yet useful stuff that somebody had no appreciation for. Most of the stuff could have been easily recycled: old milk bottles, lots of steel, massive amounts of paper and 1950s new Yorkers and so on. I grabbed some old new Yorkers, storage tins, copper phonograph holder and miscellaneous. Check it out if you want. It is at 310 19th street near Parkview. You cannot miss it. There might be more added later.
    The blog continues to inspire and make me laugh. Keep going!

  2. That sounds like a sweet stash, I may have to go check it out! We used to hit the dumpsters in Bellingham after the University students left the dorms...it was paradise! I didn't have to buy laundry detergent, liquid soap, saline solution, or hair conditioner for a year! They just threw everything away.
    Those New Yorkers may have some value for a collector!

  3. "Family Visitation Providers" Providing private and group transportation services to incarcerated love ones throughout the state of Florida. We are diligently working to bring you more routes and the best rates to help you stay connected to your incarcerated loved ones. We need your help! Please help us by spreading the word to other families! All prison trips requested will be added to our monthly schedule. Any questions or concerns please email info@familyvisitationproviders.com
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