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Pueblo Health Expo

This weekend, Saturday, January 30th from 8am-1pm is the Pueblo Health Expo being held at the Pueblo Convention Center. Come on down, take a bunch of fun fitness and health tests, learn about various activities going on in Pueblo, learn some new cooking techniques, and hula-hoop and juggle with the friendly folks at the PACE booth! The new Pueblo Bicycle Route Map will also be on display.


  1. Saturday was far more than I expected and good. However, I did not see any hula-hooping or juggling at the PACE booth. Whats up with that?
    I have recently acquired another classic schwinn and raliegh cruiser bikes. Possibly loaner bikes for the cruiser race? They are in very good shape despite being 30 years old. However, I need a raliegh handlebar grip and kickstand. Any advice or such on acquiring a bike trailer for hauling stuff? I may be hauling granite by bike again, and my baskets are not the best method.

  2. We did break out the hula hoops and juggling a bit later. The large crowds didn't make juggling and hula hooping a safe activity:)
    How many lbs of granite will you be hauling?
    You may want to contact Glenn Ross in town, he is fixing up bicycles and selling them to people for transportation needs, he may have a trailer? 250-0020
    I have a friend who is a welder and we are going to try to make a huge trailer in the coming weeks. I'll let you know if it works out.
    Check out www.instructables.com and in the search bar, type "bicycle cargo trailer 200" and there is a good design for a 200lb capacity trailer for around $30
    As far as new (and expensive, but good) trailers The Burley Flatbed is nice.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I have taken so long to check the comments. The granite can be 50lb pieces that I haul on my baskets one at a time. It works ok, but takes a while, but that is no big deal. I will have to look into some of your tips.