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Fellow Commuter

I met this guy at the library today near the bicycle rack. We discussed some of the pleasant and not-so-pleasant things about riding a bicycle in Pueblo. He shared a story about two guys that threw a glass bottle at him while he was on his bicycle, just for fun.
He has a really great Schwinn cruiser and I told him about my idea that I want to have a Pueblo Cruiser Race sometime in the spring.
It's good to be reminded that there are people in town that enjoy taking the little bit of extra effort required to ride a bicycle or walk rather than just mindlessly get in a car.


  1. I wanted to post something, but I cannot paste from MS word?

  2. Looking at your blog, I am most impressed.
    I told you about the bottle throwing punk, but there is more. My bike is too distinctive, and the punk must have told his friends or gang about me. Three days later I was going down the union ave bridge from the library. It is easy to get up to 30 mph and any disruption could be the nastiest crash. Some other asshole other than the bottle throwing punk, rolled down his window long before coming up to me and yelled loudly at me to startle and cause me to crash. It was startling but I was fine. However, it seems I am marked for harassment or worse from this idiot gang, and I do not know what to do. They come up behind me and they could hit me or bump me with their car. I can easily catch such cars on such a hill, but only if they have the red light at the next intersection. Then I would have gotten the license plate and maybe something could be done.
    I still ride though. To hell with such idiots, and hopefully they will do other stupid things to people that will put them down or in jail. I was enjoying doing many errands by bike, and I cannot change too much. It is stressful though, and more than the occasional asshole you have documented.
    Your blog posts have been enjoyable. We talked about the great thing that fenders are, but I noticed something amusing about your picture at the solar roasters on the bikeability challenge day. You also take some good pictures while moving too! The picture shows my bike leaning to the left (how appropriate!) while all the others are leaning right against the wall. After fenders, I most appreciate the old and heavy kickstand.

  3. I was sure that I responded to this comment earlier. Maybe you are right, it IS really difficult to post a comment on the blog.
    Anyways, when I tried to comment last time, I said you should try to get the license place of the car that is hassling you. There is a new CO law that states a car must give a bicycle 3 feet of space when passing them. And that throwing anything at a bicycle is punishable by law. Crazy that they needed to produce a law that made this illegal???