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Connecting Towns

I've been told by a few people that there are mountain bicycle trails connecting Pueblo and Pueblo West, but not having any reason to go to Pueblo West, I really didn't care if there was a connection or not. Even though I don't need to go back and forth between Pueblo and Pueblo West, many people may want to, so I decided to navigate the route and post some directions.
It wouldn't be an easy commute to do it both ways, unless you're very hardcore, but from Pueblo West to Pueblo is a one way, fun, mostly downhill do-able commute. At least when the weather is nice. The views are SPECTACULAR! I'd suggest navigating it on a weekend before taking it to work because there are hundreds of trails, most of which are fun to get lost on, but I did have to stop and ask a wise trails sage for directions.

I got on the Arkansas River Trail near my house and road west out to the Nature Center. Take the trail from behind the Nature Center and ride uphill until you reach the railroad tracks. When you cross the railroad tracks, you can go left, right or straight. I think straight is your best bet. The wise sage told me to keep an eye to the sky and use the radio tower as your guide. Keep climbing, enjoy the views, stay along the State Park boundary fence, and when you pass the radio tower you will see the water tower. You're almost there now. Exit through the gate, and you are in Pueblo West, HERE. On the way back, use the Mill as your guide.

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