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Bicycles, Garbage, Food, and Film

Bicycles, garbage, food and film, may just be four of my favorite things and I was able to enjoy all of them in one night!
The Pueblo Recycling Coalition helped bring a free showing of the film Garbage Dreams to the Pueblo Rawlings Library on Wednesday night.
Prior to the film, a short bicycle ride to a friend's house yielded the most excellent corn chowder west of Lubec, Maine. A fairly good crowd turned out for the environmental documentary, unfortunately the bicycle racks were still nearly empty. Staying positive, we assumed that everyone must have walked:). Being inspired by the film (not that I need to be inspired to find dumpster treasures), a quick peak inside the best producing dumpster in town on the way home returned nothing more than a smelly jacket and a few funny photos. It's always worth the look though.

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