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2014 NHC Category 23 Specialty Beer

hand copied from Zymurgy magazine

Imperial milk stout with coffee added at kegging
Sean Kampshoff, Minneapolis, MN

For 12 US Gallons - before freeze concentration

31 lb Maris Otter
3.0 lb Simpsons dark 80 L crystal
2.0 200 L pale chocolate malt
1.81 lb 300L roast barley
1.81 lb 500L roast barley
2.0 oz Magnum pellets @ 60 min
Cold press coffee (see directions)
1 tablet Whirflock
2 cpsultes Servomyces
2.0 lb lactose @ 5 min
Wyeast 1028 London Ale Yeast
CO2: 2.5 vol

Original Gravity: 1.085
Final Gravity: 1.024
Boil Time: 75 minutes
IBUs: 47
SRM: 53
Boil Time: 90 minutes
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70%
Primary Fermentation: 66 F

Mash at 152 F and hold for 90 minutes.  Use freeze concentration to remove 20 percent water to end up with approximately 10 percent ABV.  Make cold press coffee prior to bottling/kegging.  Add to bottle or keg at a ratio of 1.25 ml coffee to 1 ounce beer.  Ratio can vary based on strength of coffee so dose some samples to determine desire amount.