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2014 NHC Category 20 Fruit Beer

hand copied from Zymurgy magazine

Sweet Stout with Raspberry, Chocolate and Coconut
Robert Carter and Grace Santiago, Menifee, CA

For 5 US gallons

12.0 lb Maris Otter
1.0 lb honey malt
1.0 lb black patent
0.75 lb Briess 120 L crystal
0.5 lb chocolate malt
1.0 oz  EKG @ FWH
1.0 oz EKG @ 30 min
14.0 oz flaked coconut @ 5 min
1.0 lb lactose @ 0 min
0.5 lb dark choclate @ 0 min

Raspberry extract to taste at packaging
Coconut extract to taste at packaging
WLP0004 Irish ale yeast

Original Specific Gravity: 1.048
Final Specific Gravity: 1.018
Boiling Time: 90 min
Primary Fermentation: 9 days at 68 F

Mash at 150 F for 60 minutes.  Add coconut flakes 5 minutes from the end of boil.  Carter advises, keep flaked coconut in a cheese cloth bag because if that stuff gets loose, oh man!.  Add lactose and chocolate after flameout to avoid scorching the chocolate.  Blend in raspberry and coconut extract to taste just prior to bottling.