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2014 NHC Category 16: Belgian and French Ale

hand copied from Zymurgy magazine

Brett Strawberry Farmhouse
Belgian Specialty Ale
Morgan Sapp, Clarksville, TN

For 5 US gallons

12.5 lb Pilsner malt
6.0 oz aromatic malt
1.25 lb wheat malt
5.0 lb Shuksan strawberries
0.75 oz coriander
0.75 oz bitter orange peel
0.25 oz grains of paradise
0.5 oz Hallertau pellets @ 90 min
0.5 oz Hallertau pellets @ 60 min
1.0 oz Styrian Goldings pellets @ 15 min

Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse ale
0.5 tsp yeast nutrient
Prime with dextrose to 2.9 vol

Original SPecific Gravity: 1.055
Final Specific Gravity: 1.000
IBUs: 19
SRM: 19

Primary Fermentation: 21 days at 74 F
Secondary Fermentation: 60 days at 70 F

Mash grains at 146 F for 75 minutes.  Treat water with 2.5 g calcium chloride, 1.5 g chalk, and 1 g gypsum.

After primary fermentation, I pureed 5 lb of frozen Shuksan variety strawberries and brought them to 160 F.  I then racked onto the puree in secondary and added dregs from an all Brett-trois fermented beer.  This is the same yeast as the Brett B (trois) offered by White Labs.