Problem solved

I ride my bicycle every day. From time to time it's boring. Some days I don't even think about it. Most days it's the best thing in the world. I think about the days that bicycling is boring and I ask myself why? On those days, I think the solitude gets to me, I don't enjoy it as much, and wish someone else was with me. Either riding beside me or even on the other side of the road traveling in the other direction, that I could wave at and briefly connect.
A recent visit by my friend Wren, solved a couple of those problems. Wren is pretty much down for anything, so that solved the problem of having someone to bicycle with, even if it was -10F. But, Wren didn't last long in the cold, and made the wise choice to swap 14 layers of clothes for sporting the speedo on the beach in Florida. But before he left, we may have come up with another solution to the problem of riding alone. I think I'll call it the garage sale rickshaw. I found a child's pull-behind trailer at a garage sale this summer and always wanted to try pulling an adult with it, but the maximum weight capacity was 50lbs. Wren claims to tip the scales at about 180, but that's before ice cream. We tried a couple of different techniques, and one of them turned out to be pretty comfortable for both of us. We didn't break any land speed records, and it couldn't be photo documented because we were both fairly busy, but trust me, it was cool shit. So, in the future, if I'm having one of those boring bicycle days, expect a knock on your door and an invite to be pulled around Pueblo like a princess.


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  2. I consider the days that bicycling is exhausting and I ask myself for what valid reason? On those days, I think the isolation gets to me, I hate it as much, and wish another person was with me.

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