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2015 Gueze Sour

Hand entered from Zymurgy magazine

5.5 gallons
60 minute boil
3.2 IBU
3.8 SRM
1.052 OG
1.016 FG

5.25 lbs German Pilsner
2.69 lbs Unmalted Wheat
2.69 Wheat Malt

1 oz Aged Hops @ 60

2 oz Rice Hulls to mash

Belgian Lambic Blend (3278WY)

Mash at 162 F

Ferment at 70F with Wyeast Lambic blend for two months. Add to 30 gallon Solera red wine barrel and remove 10 gallons of older aged beer. Blend to taste with younger non-barrel aged beer made from the same recipe.

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