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2015 Belgian Specialty

Hand entered from Zymurgy Magazine

9 gallons
60 min boil
35.7 IBU
17.4 SRM
1.057 OG
1.012 FG

6 lbs Munich
6 lbs Pilsner
6 lbs Vienna
1 lb Aromatic
1 lb Caramunich II
1 lb Special B
1 lb Wheat malt
4.5 lbs Raspberry

2.25 oz EKG @ 60

Yeast nutrient

US-05 yeast
Roselare Belgian Blend (WL3763)

Mash at 154 F

Three 3-gallon batches fermented separately and were then blended together after secondary-fermentation. Three gallons of blended beer was then racked onto 4.5 lb of raspberries for about six weeks. Batch A initial fermentation with Safale 05, then racked to a plastic bucket for secondary with Roeselare. Batch B initial fermentation with Safale 05 then racked to a glass carboy for secondary with Roeselare. Batch C initial fermentation with Roeselare and then racked to a glass carboy for secondary.

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