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PDX part 1

My recent trip to Portland was a great reminder that there ARE alternative transportation users in the US and inspiring for me to keep working at getting people in Pueblo on the right track. Bicycle culture is EVERYWHERE in Portland. But it's not always about being "cool", it's more about just being on a bicycle....or unicycle... The bicycle/automobile caste system doesn't exist in Portland like it does here in Pueblo. You definately aren't treated like a second class citizen. Bike racks were always full. A steady flow of bicycles on well designed streets meshing with more bicycle conscious automobile drivers made for what seemed like a utopia of safety and pleasure. And it wasn't just bicycles.....buses, light rail, and walkers all were abundant. Portlanders are in general, very active people. Whether it's a 5k run, dancing or doing fun stuff at street fairs, having outdoor healthy barbecues, or doing cyclocross races they just like being outside, being healthy and having fun!

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