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Bicycles and Sidewalks

For those of you Puebloans that are physically challenged (i.e. your idea of exercise is doing one squat as you get up from the couch and walk to the refrigerator), mentally challenged (i.e. your tenth grade education has landed you a sweet job at Walmart), culturally challenged (i.e. traveling means a trip to La Junta), and socially challenged (i.e. screaming obscenities out the window of your 84 El Camino) ..................THE BICYCLE IS MEANT TO BE RIDDEN ON THE ROAD, NOT THE SIDEWALK!
At lunch, two ladies (stretching the truth to it's maximum) nearly side swiped me as they failed to yield me. I figured maybe they just didn't see me, but then the passenger managed to squeeze her over sized body and mouth out of the seemingly tiny window and yell "That's what sidewalks are for"!
I'm not fond of calling people dipshits, but these two were definately dipshits. Ladies......grab a bicycle, ride it, read a book, venture outside of a 25 mile radius of Pueblo, but don't yell at me from your box on wheels.
A few useful links for you ladies, just in case I'm wrong and you can read.

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