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Driving for Recreation

One downfall of not having a car, especially in Pueblo, is the inability to access outdoor recreation. With no county connector buses and distances to nature areas being 20+ miles away, the car becomes a necessary evil. So like a bunch of yuppies, we loaded our bicycles on a SUV and drove to the Shelf Road near Canon City.
It was a fantastic day, and the guilt of driving was quickly erased by the beautiful scenery and fresh air.
I think many "outdoor enthusiasts", who claim to be environmentalists, rarely think of their impact on the environment. SUV's and high tech gear are staples for the outdoorsy folks, but are they really always necessary? If you aren't earning money and racing competitively do you really need an ultra light carbon fiber frame? Is all the petroleum based super high tech clothing really necessary? Could a Geo Metro get you to your outdoor recreation spot just as easy as a gas guzzling SUV?

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