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The correct use of a bike lane

It's common to see many bicyclists in Pueblo's one and only bicycle lane on Union Avenue riding the WRONG way. This fella has the right idea.
Riding the wrong way in a bicycle lane really puts yourself in danger, either from a collision with another bicyclist (the lane is not that big) or because an automobile doesn't expect someone to be moving in that direction and probably won't see you.
On a side note, this photo was taken with Filthy Phil's Radiator Service in the background. This Saturday at Phil's is an all ages hip-hop festival starting at 5pm. More live music is schedule later in the evening at The Senate, with Hot Rod Carl, from Portland, Oregon playing starting at 8pm. Ride your bicycles downtown and come support Pueblo's local music scene.


  1. Hello, I am an avid bike enthusiast. I own a 2006 KHS flite 100 fixed gear, a 1978 Univega Specialissma, a 1996 Gary Fisher Marlin, a 1980 Centurion Omega, and a 1984 Centurion Accordo. I actually am guilty of this, the reason why is; i was hit by a car when I was riding in the CORRECT BIKE LANE. I didnt see him coming and I couldnt get out of the way. I now intentionally ride in the WRONG BIKE LANE so that I can see if a car is going to hit me or not. It has actually saved me more than not. Puebloans dont understand the concept of a SHARROW. I would rather piss off a few cyclists and bruise their ego than get hit by another car. That being said, hopefully more drivers in this town will acknowlege this and I can begin my safe daily riding on the correct side of the road and not ride in fear of what is behind me. p.s. bike mirrors are junk

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