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Colorado Bike to Work Day

Five of us at the USGS participated in Colorado Bike to Work day. That's 5 out of 24 employees. Russ takes 1st prize for distance, riding all the way in from Pueblo West. Rupert takes 2nd prize riding from west of City Park. Dan, Rodger, and I tie for 3rd prize. Rodger wasn't able to make the photo, but his bicycle is still proof that he made it. I bought doughnuts for all that participated and we have a trip to Angelo's schedule for a lunch celebration.
On the way to work, I didn't see the river of bicycles flowing through the streets of Pueblo like I had hoped, but I did see more than usual. Outside of the pantry, it looked like a group of commuters had congregated for a pre-ride breakfast. These 2 guys hadn't figured out which side of the road to ride on but I guess at least they were out riding.
Thanks for everyone who participated, you made my day!

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