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Bicycles are fun, so should the people that ride them!

I miss my days in Bellingham, with Critical Mass rides and various costume rides. I recently hosted a costume party at my house, and of the 30 or so people that came, maybe FOUR wore a costume. Here in Pueblo, I have a feeling people don't step outside of the box much and try to express themselves. Come on people, have some fun, step outside your comfort zone, live a little, make people wonder, make people laugh! A few days after the party, a friend and I decided to dress up in our own superhero costumes and I cruised around for a while. It was great fun!
I have a desire to try and organize a Critical Mass ride here, but I also have a fear that not a single person would show up. And that would crush me. So in the meantime, I will be a Critical Mass of one.

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