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House Guests and Alternative Transportation

Having a house guest is very fun and entertaining. It gives you an opportunity to have great conversations over morning coffee and makes mundane activities more lively.
But for a person who's sole form of transportation is a bicycle, it makes the logistics of doing things with a house guest a little more complicated. I don't think twice anymore about getting on my bicycle and riding 5 miles to the store or out for entertainment, but when I have to think about getting someone else there, it takes more planning. Also, my decision to only have a bicycle for transportation is MY choice, but I don't want to force someone else to make that choice. With public transportation options limited, as my house guest, you are pretty much forced to ride bicycle or walk. It is good for me to put myself in the shoes of someone else not so familiar or comfortable with bicycle riding. It gives me the opportunity to understand the fears, restrictions, and obstacles of someone that might want to learn to commute by bicycle but hasn't started. Overall, I think it was a pleasant experience for everyone :)

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