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Good with the Bad

With all the good things that come from using a bicycle for transportation, there are a few annoyances from time to time. The most annoying being the occasional (in Pueblo, frequent) flat tire. In the high desert areas of the U.S. , goat heads (Tribulus terrestris) are everywhere, nearly indestructible, and seem to find their way into my bicycle tires about once every two weeks. Patience and a skill for patching and changing tubes efficiently are necessary to overcome this annoyance.
Everyone has their own prevention technique including Slime tubes, higher pressure tires, tire liners, thicker tires, or a voodoo ritual to de-magnetize your bicycle from goat heads. Myself, I just try to use the 10 minutes of tube repair as a time of reflection and a test of my patience.

1 comment:

  1. There are everywhere in this town. I haven't gotten any this year! But they are bound to start popping the tires now.