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There are a few key aspects to creating a community that uses alternative transportation. One, is a willingness and open mindedness of its people to try something different. Another is to have leaders in the community that initiate infrastructure policies, making decisions that create a safe, economical and friendly environment for alternative transportation users.
Not having a safe and convenient location to park, limits people from using their bicycles as transportation. Not having ANY bicycle parking makes it almost impossible to inspire people to ride their bicycle. The majority of businesses in town, don't even have proper bicycle parking out front. NOTE: A fence or tree is not proper bicycle parking. Even The Great Divide, a local bicycle shop, has a sorry excuse for a bicycle rack out front. A key few elements to bicycle parking are, a rack that supports the bicycle in 2 locations on its frame, having a rack that is secured to the ground and cannot be moved and/or broken easily, and having a rack that is in a convenient location to a business. This photo shows a decorative rack near the Riverwalk with good intent, but all of the bars on the rack are way too close together to support secure bicycle lock up, and the closest business is 2 blocks away!! I have seen this rack numerous times, and never realized it was even a bicycle rack because it was ALWAYS empty. Who is going to ride their bicycle downtown to get a cup of coffee if they have to park their bicycle and walk 4 blocks, or if there is a risk of their bicycle being stolen because there isn't a secure place to park it? So, it not only takes a desire to ride your bicycle and leaders that are willing to promote a safe and friendly environment for bicycling, but it also requires that the decisions being made are researched thoroughly and that they actually help support your cause.

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