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I'd like to introduce you to Mr Alternative Transportation Commuter for March, Daniel Brendle. I'm hoping to make this a monthly post, if I can find enough non-car drivers in town. If you, or someone you know would like to be recognized as an Alternative Transportation Commuter of the month, please send me an email at kopp.ryan@gmail.com

What form of alternative transportation do you use?

Mountain bike outfitted with lights, mirror, and a cushy seat.

Why did you start using alternative transportation?

I started commuting on my bike when my car broke down when I was living in Tampa, Florida. My commute to work was about 6 miles one way along sidewalks and on streets without bike lanes. I was reluctant to ride in Florida because of the lack of bike lanes, but I finally gave it a try when my car quit working. After moving to Colorado, I have continued commuting by bike when I am able, as long as there is not a lot of ice on the roads.

How has alternative transportation helped you with your lifestyle (economics, health, relationships)?

I feel that the most noticeable benefit has been in my overall health and the several pounds I have lost around my midsection. I don’t see the environmental benefits of my biking rather than driving but I hope it is having a positive effect on reducing pollution and thus improving the quality of the air I breathe.

What do you do for a living?

I am a scientific technician. I do some work outside measuring streamflow, collecting water samples, and maintaining field equipment, and some work inside crunching data.

Any funny or interesting commuting story that you may want to share?

Not yet…

What do people (coworkers, friends) say when you tell them that you use alternative transportation to commute to work?

Some people are impressed that I commute by bike, but overall I haven’t gotten much feedback from co-workers who are not using alternative transportation other than some of them wondering why I have a rubber band around my right pants cuff all day.

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