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Walking home from Cock n Bull last night, we approached the crosswalk on B Street and Union Ave. We started to enter the crosswalk and a car pulls in and completely blocks the path of pedestrians. Due to 2 shots of Patron, I was feeling a bit frisky and said to the driver "hey, you're blocking the crosswalks for pedestrians"! His response was comical "well, I was here first". I wanted to reply, but didn't "Maybe in your inbred head, that's the way the crosswalk system works, but I'm fairly certain that the State of Colorado has a different viewpoint about the right of way for pedestrians and automobile drivers in a crosswalk". Unfortunately the two shots of Patron also limited my ability for witty comebacks. Is that what people really think?? If they are driving and arrive at a cross walk before a pedestrian that THEY have the right of way?
Well, for the record Pueblo-ans, here is how the State of Colorado law reads:

Colorado State law requires:
  1. 1. That pedestrians give vehicles the opportunity to stop before entering a crosswalk
  2. 2. That vehicles yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. NOTE: A bicyclist is afforded the same rights as a pedestrian in a crosswalk when the bicyclist enters the crosswalk at walking speed.
ALSO, see this innovative idea from the folks in the wonderful city of Seattle......remember, just because you have a car, it doesn't give you more privileges or that other people aren't using the road.

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