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Lake Pueblo State Park - Camping with facilities can be found here,  located off of Highway 96 along both the Trans-American Trail and the Western Express.

Pueblo West CampgroundCamping along Highway 50 can be found off of  McCulloch Blvd.  Great informative web page.

Guerrilla-Style Camping (MAP) - Decent guerrilla-style camping can be found along the Arkansas River Nature Trail, between the Dutch Clark Trailhead and Lake Pueblo State Park.  The Trail is paved, with numerous unpaved off shoots to secluded camps spots.  Please pack out what you pack in.


Traveler's Motel - 1012 N Santa Fe - It's the cheapest hotel in town and not far off the touring route.  Nothing great, but it will get you a roof and is centrally located.

Guest House Inn - 730 N Santa Fe - A step up from the Travelers, breakfast, Wi-Fi,and pool.   Also centrally located.

Comfort Inn - 77 South Radnor Dr - Standard Motel in Pueblo West off the Highway 50 route.


Pueblo Marriott - 110 W 1st St - Upscale, right off the touring route, great location for entertainment.

Cambria Suites - 150 S Santa Fe -  Nice, probably less expensive than the Marriott, close to touring route and entertainment.


Abriendo Inn - 300 W Abriendo Ave. - Great location in beautiful historic home, right off touring route.

Edgar Olin House - 727 W 13th St - Somewhat off of touring route, but very nice facilities.


There are a few local profiles on the following sites, including myself, and probably the best way to get a place to stay and get information about the area.



Many local churches have also been known to take in the traveling cyclist for the night.