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Safeway - 1322 East 8th St - Not far off the touring route,  full grocery selection, good stop before heading into downtown.

Walgreens - 1520 W 4th St - Right on touring route, limited but decent selection.

King Soopers - 3050 W Northern Ave - Approximately 3 miles off touring route, better selection than those listed above.

Tomatoe Joe's - 707 South Main St - Near touring route, Italian Deli/Market, cheeses, olives, meats, sausages, pastas, very small selection of fruits and vegetables. New location

Farmer's Markets - Pueblo has three farmer's markets during the growing season -  
West 6th Street - Tuesdays and Friday's 7am-1pm
Riverwalk - Thursday  4pm-8pm - Some entertainment as well.
210 N Santa Fe - Thursday 5pm-8pm - Local produce only, including entertainment.


$ - Tomatoe Joe's - 707 South Main St - Huge Italian deli sandwiches for around $6, can be shared by two.  Right on touring route.

$ - The Vasquez Taco Shop - 604 E 4th St - The best west coast style burritos in town! Right on touring route.  Open early and late.

$ - The Mexi Deli - 215 E Abriendo - Relatively inexpensive Mexican food, right off touring route, very strong margaritas! 

$ - The Martinez Cafe - 710 Polk St - A must stop for a Mexican breakfast if you have a layover day.  They don't open until 8am.  Best green chili in town.  Smother a breakfast burrito!

$$ - Bingo Burger - 101 Central Plaza - Quality burgers made from organic local meat.  Sweet potato fries, and they serve beer.

$$ - Shamrock Brewing Company - 108 W 3rd St - Best micro-brewery in town - good Irish style food menu

$$ - Angelo's Pizza -  105 E Riverwalk - Good pizza, great location on the Riverwalk, outdoor seating.

$$ - Magpies - 229 South Union - Unique, quaint place.  Tap room and lounge music downstairs.

$$ - Wireworks Coffee - 103 S Union - All vegetarian menu, good location right on the Riverwalk.

$$$ - Restaurant Fifteen Twenty One - 123 N Main -  I've never eaten there myself, but have heard if you are looking to treat yourself, this is the place to be.


Hopscotch Bakery - 333 South Union Ave - Local favorite for pastries, ice cream, cakes, breads

Taffy's - 114 West Abriendo - Tons of candy, chocolates, ice cream, caramel corns.

Fun Yogurt - 223 S Union - Build your own yogurt sundae.  Price by the ounce.

Nettie's Chocolate Company - 109 Colorado Ave - More chocolate! 


Solar Roast Coffee - 226 South Main Street - Unique place, coffee all roasted by Pueblo solar power! Food menu as well.

Wireworks Coffee - 103 S Union - Good location right on the Riverwalk.

The Daily Grind -  209 South Union - The high school hipster hangout.

The Tea Tree Cafe -  119 Broadway Ave - New local coffee shop and cafe