August 2013 Party Ride

If you've never been on a Pueblo Bicycle Party Ride, you haven't lived...or at least you haven't come close enough to dying.   Bikes, beer, fun, sun, rivers, swimming, music, awesome companions and crazy good times are what to expect on the party rides.  As usual, if you're the safety nazi, a bad drunk, or drama maker just stay home.  Party Rides are a time to enjoy the river, the fresh air, some good exercise while letting loose of your bunched up underwear that may be riding too high and tight.  Let's have some fun.  BYOB.
Date: Saturday 8/3/13
Time: 3:00 pm
Place: Runyon Lake Trailhead
Other stop points:  Angels and Demons mural, Kayak Park, City Park Frisbee Golf Course.

Pueblo Cruiser Bike Rides

Pueblo now has TWO different Bicycle Cruiser Ride nights in town.  Everyone is welcome, all ages and skill levels are accommodated.  Often there are prizes/giveaways before or after the rides. Go give one or both of them a try.

Group meets every Thursday at 6:00 pm at Bingo Burger.  The ride starts at 6:30 pm.

Group meets every other Friday at 7:00 pm at Shamrock Brewing Company. The ride starts at 7:15 pm.

2015 Smoke and wood aged beer

Hand entered via Zymurgy Magazine

5.3 Gallons
90 minute boil
24.1 IBU
22.7 SRM
1.101 OG
1.019 FG

13.68 lbs Pilsner
2.74 lbs Munich
0.875 lbs Aromatic malt
0.875 lbs Caramunich malt
0.437 lbs Melanoiden
0.473 lbs Wheat Malt
0.875 lbs Cane Sugar

2 oz Hallertauer Mittelfrueh @ 60

Monastery Ale (WLP500)

Mash at 153 F

Mash at 153°F (67°C) for 60 minutes with 1.2 quarts of water per-pound of grain. Fly sparge until a pre-boil volume of 7.85 gallons (29.7 L) is achieved. Boil for 90 minutes, post boil volume 6.1 gallons (23 L). Chill to 64°F (18°C) and run final fermentation volume of 5.25 gallons into fermenter. Pitch large, healthy yeast starter.

Note: The above recipe was scaled up to a batch volume of 65 gallons (246 L), brewed on my club’s equipment so as to make enough wort to fully fill a freshly emptied Heaven Hill oak bourbon barrel, where it aged for more than 200 days. The final oak-aged beer was then blended with aged but un-oaked beer to attain the final beer profile.

Third Annual Pueblo Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

For the third straight year, Pueblo will be having it's annual Bicycle Scavenger Hunt.  Teams of 2 will be collecting artifacts and taking pictures from around our town. This year's hunt will be hosted by Arkansas River Coffee at the Nature Center.  Everyone will meet before 5pm on July 21st at the coffee shop.  Teams will be allowed to come early, have a coffee or sandwich and receive the scavenger hunt list early in order to form a plan/strategy.  Teams will not be allowed to leave until the 5pm starting gun though. 
After the hunt, teams will meet at Bingo Burger, to socialize, tally up scores, and have a burger and brew. 
For more information, check out the Facebook event page.
Previous year's hunts have been great fun, for a few pictures of previous events, check out the following links.

16 Best Traditional German-Style Breweries in America

As with most things in our culture, America has taken it to the extreme and is currently obsessed with highly intense flavors in beers. Both ends of the spectrum are covered with Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts. Don't get me wrong, both of these beer styles are great, but some of the delicate, subtle flavors that many brewers try to achieve can easily be covered up or hidden in these extreme styles. The untrained beer palate will also more easily lock on to these extreme styles because the flavors are so in your face. Picking out noble hops, beautiful Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malts that have been accentuated from decoction mashing, and slight sulfur aromas isn't as sexy these days as toe curling hop bitterness and intensely sweet bourbon and malts.

Well if you get excited about the thought of 1 liter beer steins, lederhosen, fresh German air, tradition, crisp, clean subtle malty and noble hopped German beers that can be enjoyed all day long, this post is for you. Many American brewers are also enthralled with the tradition and great flavors of German beer and brewing. Here is a list of the 16 best German-style breweries in America.

 #16 - Trapp Family Lodge  - The beer isn't amazing, but nothing says Germany more than engulfing yourself in German architecture for a weekend of cross-country skiing from hut to hut enjoying German beer along the way.

Beer Beers: Trapp Dunkel Lager, Trapp Golden Helles Lager
GABF Medals: 0

 #15 - Jack's Abby - Normally when you see abby in the name of a brewery you think of  monasteries of Belgian beers, but Jack's Abby is inspired by the monastic brewing of Germany.  They definitely put an American twist on some of their lager beers, but they are also mastering lagering techniques that are rooted in German tradition.

Best Beers: Saxonator Dunkles Doppelbock, Fire in the Ham Rauchbier
GABF Medals: 2

 #14 - Prost Brewing -
Prost Brewing in Denver brews only German-style beers using all german ingredients, equipment and process.  And it really shows in the outcome of their beers.  Rich and malty, yet clean and crisp beers are coming out of Denver.

Best Beers: Altfrankisches Dunkel Bier, Marzen Oktoberfest
GABF Medals: 1

 #13 - Gordon Biersch -
Dan Gordon, or known as "The Dan", was traditionally trained in the 5 year brewing engineering program in the famous Weihenstephan Germany.  His beers are perennial winners at the Great American Beer Festival in many German-style beer categories.  Very traditional beers

Best Beers: Gordon Bierch Marzen, Gordon Biersch Dunkelweizen, Gordon Biersch FestBier
GABF Medals: 24

 #12 - Grimm Brothers Brewhouse -
Founded by a group of Denver area homebrewers that fell are captivated by the rich tradition of European beers.

Best Beers: Little Red Cap,  Randolph, Fearless Youth
GABF Medals: 3

 #11 - Pennyslvania Brewing Company -
There slogan says it all, "brewing craft beer before craft beer was cool".  Founded in 1986 in Pittsburgh's Deutchtown neighborhood Penn Brewing is making traditional German-style beers adhering to the Reinheitsgebot in honor of the immigrants that originally came to this neighborhood.

Best Beers: Penn Dark, Penn Gold, St Nikolaus Bock Bier,
GABF Medals: 16

 #10 - August Schell -
August Schell came to the German settlement of New Ulm Minnesota in 1860, built his brewery and prospered until the days of Prohibition in the early 1900s. The brewery was one of few that withstood the adversity of Prohibition.  Many of the brewers today travel to Germany for their brewing education to remain as traditional as possible.

Best Beers: Star of the North Berliner, Schell's Firebrick Vienna, Schell's Pils
GABF Medals: 9

 #9- Sly Fox Brewing Company -
Sly Fox makes many styles of beer but they also do a great job making German-style lagers.
They are a bit more American than most because they are canning their beers rather than using the more traditional bottling method.

Best Beers: Pikeland Pils, Royal Weisse, Oktoberfest
GABF Medals: 8

 #8 - Olde Mecklenburg -
The owner of OMB lived in Germany for 16 years prior to losing his job and returning to the US and coming up with the idea to start a traditional German-style brewery because he missed the wonderful beers he had tasted for so many years in Germany

Best Beers: Dunkel LagerOMB CopperMecktoberfestCaptain James Jack Pilsner
GABF Medals: 1

 #7 - Great Lakes Brewing -
Ohio's first craft brewery continues to grow and improve their beer and process every year. Great Lakes also brews many non-German style beers, but has the technology, equipment and knowledge to brew some of the best German style beers in America.

Best Beers: Eliot Ness, Oktoberfest, Dortmunder Gold
GABF Medals: 12

#6 - Stoudts Brewing Company -
Some of the best to style German beers in the country and they have the GABF hardware to prove it!

Best Beers: Stoudt's Pils, Stoudt's Gold Lager, Smooth Hoperator, Karnival Kolsch
GABF Medals: 29

 #5 - High Point Brewing Company -
Owner/brewer Greg Zaccardi brewed for many years in Germany before returning to America to start HPB.  All hops, yeast, and malts are imported directly from Bavaria for his Ramstein beers. Decoction mashing is even used at this brewery!

Best Beers: Ramstein Eisbock, Ramstein Winter Wheat, Ramstein Double Platinum Blonde
GABF Medals: 1

 #4 - Troegs Brewing Company -

Best Beers: Sunshine Pils, Cultivator, Troegenator Double Bock
GABF Medals: 18

 #3 - New Glarus Brewing Company -

Best Beers: Staghorn, Thumbprint, Hometown Blonde, Back Forty
GABF Medals: 32

 #2 - Capital Brewery -

Best Beers: Autumnal Fire, Capital Dark, Blonde Doppelbock
GABF Medals: 22

 #1 - Victory Brewing Compoany -

Best Beers: Prima Pils, Braumeister Pils, St. Victorious, Moonglow Weizenbock
GABF Medals: 5 

Ride the Rio

June 9th at 2pm, there will be a 16-mile party ride along the Arkansas River Trail.  There will be multiple trailers pulling coolers, ice and supply the beer, food, and fun.  We'll haul your stuff out to the reservoir and back, making numerous stops to swim, relax, make new friends,  play bike games, listen to music, socialize, and have a cold beer.  Come for a great ride, relax, and start your summer off right. Everyone with a positive attitude is welcome! No worry warts or bad drunks.

The start of the ride is on the north-side of Runyon Lake, near the Peace Rock Garden along the bike trail. For more information contact Javier at  Here is an interactive map to verify the starting location.

View Party Ride in a larger map

Bicycle Rentals, Hostels, Repairs, and Sales in Pueblo

The Cycle of Life, which is the "newish" bike shop in Pueblo, Colorado that has a focus of fixing up and refurbishing used bicycles for resale and providing inexpensive transportation options for folks in need, is now also offering bicycle rentals.  Their long term goal is to provide a full bicycle rental fleet, but for now, stop in and they will basically rent you whatever bike they have in the shop. 
They also offer full service bicycle mechanic work and sell new parts, tubes, etc in the shop.
Other future plans include having a cool "bicycle hostel" for cross-country touring bicyclists, which will offer them and inexpensive and centrally located place to stay while passing through Pueblo.   Among cross-country bicycle tourists, Pueblo generally has a bad reputation as a non-bicycle-friendly stop along the tour, so most people just stop and get out of town ASAP.   If that image can be changed, at least 2000 bicycle tourists per year could potentially stop in Pueblo and have a mutli-day stay over and contribute tourist dollars to our community.  Having a friendly bicycle hostel is a good start to changing that reputation.

Pueblo Road Bike Rides

Fall bicycle rides in Pueblo are the best.   Here is a list of a few local favorites.  All routes start from Historic Union Ave.

Downtown to Pueblo Reservoir - 16 miles round-trip - MAP

A nice leisurely cruise along the banks for the Arkansas River on the bicycle and pedestrian trail.  A great ride for people that don't like riding around cars, this route is nearly completely car free. 

The Plants Loop - 24 miles round-trip - MAP

A cool ride out into the south and east county.  Ride past the old and new technology of energy production.  From coal-fired to wind and solar, you'll see it all on this ride.  Great views of the Wet Mountains and very minimal traffic once you get out of town.

Beulah and Back - 52 miles round-trip - MAP

A great ride out to the Wet Mountains and the town of Beulah.  Not the best shoulder, but traffic is minimal (especially on Sundays).  A consistent  climb on the way out and a much easier cruise on the way home.

Pueblo to Fountain -67 miles round-trip - MAP

You'll need a touring bike or mountain bike for this ride, since much of it is on a gravel road.  Zero traffic, great views of  Pikes Peak and the Spanish Peaks. 

Test Track Ride - 58 miles round-trip - MAP

Nice ride out a dead end road onto the eastern plains, with no traffic to speak of.  Many people choose to drive to the airport and then start the ride, but that's lame-o.
County Loop - 40 miles round-trip - MAP 

Great fall ride out into Pueblo county through the farm lands.  Can link up with The Plants Loop to make a longer ride.  Great views of the Wet Mountains to the west.

Top Bicycle Themed Films

RAD - 1986 - TRAILER
This film's for the BMX bike racers of the world. A small town is out to raise funds by building a BMX racetrack and sponsoring a major race. They sponsor their own small-town hero Cru (Bill Allen) who's up against the big-monied sponsor's champion Bart Taylor

If you've ever had your bicycle stolen, this film will bring up anger and frustration from the depths of your soul.
A workman spends a whole day looking in vain in the streets of Rome for the bicycle someone has stolen from him.

A recent high school graduate in Bloomington, Indiana, who is caught with his friends coasting between high school and deciding what to do with the rest of their lives. The four friends are snobbishly looked down upon by the college students of the town as "cutters,". Dave wants to be a champion bicycle racer and he idolizes the Italian racing team -- so much so that he speaks, thinks, and acts Italian.  Dave falls for a college girl, but is ashamed to admit he is a cutter and poses as an Italian exchange student to impress her. 

Two words.  Kevin. Bacon.

Two brothers, a former National caliber rider (Kevin Costner) and his enthusiastic 'newbee' brother, take an adventure to the 'Hell of the West' (aka Coors Classic) stage race.

When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters--an aged song-and-dance team from the days of Fred Astaire--to rescue him.

Guei gets a job as a messenger. The company issues him a bike, which he must pay for out of his wages. When it is stolen, Guei hunts for it. A student, Jian, has it; for him, it's the key to teen society - with his pals and with Xiao, a girl he fancies. Guei finds the bike and stubbornly tries to reclaim it in the face of great odds. But for Jian to lose the bike would mean humiliation.

Three adventurous Aussie teens put their BMX skills to the test when they witness a crime and are pursued by the criminals.

Jitensha is a story about a young man struggling to find meaning in life. A co-worker confronts Mamoru on his apparent apathy toward life, and this results in Mamoru leaving his job out of humiliation.  Now alone and without work, just as it seems that things could not possibly get worse, parts of Mamoru’s bicycle begin to disappear, one by one. In frustration, Mamoru leaves a note for the thief, begging him to just take the whole thing. The note left in response is signed "God", leaving Mamoru only more confused.

A successful fashion press agent, is having a bad day. Her business is shut down, everything she has is repossessed and she accidentally runs down a bicycle messenger with her car. To get out of paying for the messenger's medical bills, she agrees to take his place at the struggling courier company that he and his friend run

In Omaha, Nebraska, three slackers--all sub-par French majors--start a business that should not succeed on the vast Great Plains: a bicycle courier service. Through comic adventures, personal challenges, and while charging only two dollars per 120-mile delivery, their business becomes a resounding success.

A film about an aurally handicapped college student who grabs his bike, backpack, and guitar and goes on a 7-day, 6-night round-the-island tour. On the way he discovers the natural and cultural beauty of Taiwan and during his encounters with different people he is exposed to local arts, folk customs, approaches to environmental protection, traditional family values, and a host of other cultural enlightenments.

Is an upcoming 2012 American action thriller film directed by David Koepp.  Setting around a bicycle messenger who is chased around New York City by a dirty cop who wants an envelope the messenger has.

They are seekers, madmen and angels hell bent on riding across America on a bicycle in less than ten days. What began as the adventure of a lifetime is transformed in an instant when one of their comrades is killed in a head on collision. Documentary.

Is a 2006 British drama film, based on the life and career of Scottish amateur cyclist Graeme Obree. The film covers the period of Obree's life that saw him take, lose, and then retake the world one-hour distance record.

 It focuses on five individuals from around the world: Fred, a caregiver from Zambia who rides from village to village visiting AIDS patients; Carlos in Guatemala, who invented a pedal-powered device that offers a small-scale alternative to diesel-fueled machines; Sharkey, who avoids gang life by working in a Santa Barbara, California neighborhood bike shop; Bharati, a young girl in India who gets an education because she has a bicycle to ride to school; and Mirriam, a bike mechanic in Ghana stricken with Polio.

Jour de fĂȘte tells the story of an inept and easily distracted French mailman who frequently interrupts his duties to converse with the local inhabitants, as well as inspect the traveling fair that has come to his small community. Influenced by too much wine and a newsreel account of rapid transportation methods used by the United States postal system, he goes to hilarious lengths to speed the delivery of mail while aboard his bicycle.

On the outskirts of a provincial town, Pajaro is determined to enter the Guinness Book of Records by breaking the longest bike-ride record.
He rides around the fountain in the square with the help of his friend, Lopecito. He is willing to face many challenges that face him, in attaining this new record.